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How the builder works:

  1. Select one protein source and the portion size
  2. Select either one or two sides – It can be a combination of carbs and veggies, only carbs, or only veggies.
  3. Select the portion size of each side item.
  4. Individual macros are displayed under each item selected but once you receive your meal, the total for calories, protein, carbs, fat, and fiber will be displayed on the label so you can track your macros easily.
  5. Select the quantity of each meal. Ideally 2 or more. (PLEASE help us make this awesome process a bit easier for our crew by selecting at least 2 of each meal before you add them to the cart.)


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Our meals are made with fresh ingredients, whole foods, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and no processed foods. We provide the nutritional content of your meals -calories, protein, carbs, fats, and fiber. So you can keep track of your nutrition. And in case you need this too, we can provide Weight Watcher Points Plus, and sodium content.

When and How can I get my meals?

Our delivery days are from Monday thru Friday from 5pm to 8pm (for home delivery), and 3pm to 5pm (for business delivery). Delivery days vary depending on the city. (Choose date at checkout).

If you live in Greenville, in the following Zip codes, we can deliver to you for a flat rate of $7.5.
(29601, 29602, 29603, 29604, 29606, 29607, 29612, 29614, 29615, 29616, 29662, 29681 and more.) We currently deliver to zip code 29301 in Spartanburg, and 29650 in Greer.

To ensure the freshness of your delivery, you will need a Healthletic Kool Insulated Bag (two gels packs included) which is available for purchase on your first order. First time customers MUST purchase a Kool Bag during check out, otherwise your meals won’t be possible to deliver. (No additional bags required for subsequent orders).

When you order again just leave the Kool Bag and gel packs on your doorstep on your delivery date. We will then deliver your new orders, into another insulated bag and replace the frozen gel packs at no cost to you, and take the empty bag with us.

This guarantees that your order will be fresh whether you are home at the time of delivery or not!

What if you don’t live inside the city limits?
No Problem! Contact us at hello@healthleticmeals.com, let’s find a halfway point where we can meet and deliver your meals.

How many meals do I have to order?

Please make sure you order a minimum quantity of 2 per custom configuration, and at least 4 meals total per order!

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