What We Do: Make Healthy Eating Convenient and Delicious

If you are a busy professional, a student, a parent, an athlete or anybody else living in Greenville, Spartanburg or in between, this is for you. Healthletic Meals believes everyone deserves to have delicious tasting meals while living a busy live.

We don’t want you to struggle deciding what to eat or deciding if it’s good for you. Let us do the dirty work, the cooking, the packaging, and the nutritional calculation; we will even deliver them to you!

Just order your weekly breakfast, lunches and dinners from us, and use that extra valuable time to do other important things in your life – work, study, train, take care of the kids, run more errands, etc!

Why Us


Our meals are made with fresh ingredients, whole foods, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and no processed foods.

Nutrition Facts

We provide the basic nutritional content of your meals –calories, protein, carbs, fats, and fiber -on the label of your meal so you can easily keep track of what you consume.

Unlimited Meal Combinations

Never get bored ordering the same. Have fun and build your meals in many different ways.


We are confident you will love our flavors and will be craving for more.

How to Order

Step 1 - Pick your Protein
Step 2 - Pick up to 2 sides
Step 3 - Add desired amount of meals to your cart (or select from our hand-picked menu of favorite meals)
Step 4 - Select a delivery date and delivery location during checkout
Step 5 - Receive your meals and Enjoy!
Check out our Menu or build it custom!

Healthletic Meals cooks and delivers throughout the week. Orders must be submitted at  least three days before delivery day.

Start your order!

Where do we Deliver

Greenville, Spartanburg, Greer, SC.

Since we know you are busy doing other things, we don’t want you to have to worry about one more thing to do.  If your home or place of delivery is in Greenville* we can deliver for $7.50 flat rate.  Spartanburg is just a bit further for us so it is $9.50 flat rate.  And we are working on providing delivery to other parts of the upstate as we grow!

To ensure freshness, you will need a Healthletic Kool Insulated Bag available for purchase on your first order (No additional bags required on subsequent orders). Guaranteeing your order will be fresh whether you are at home at the time of deliver or not!

*Current zip codes for delivery in Greenville: 29601 – 29607, 29612, 29614, 29615, 29616, 29662, 29681, 29650 and few more. Zip codes for business and home delivery in Spartanburg is 29301.

Delivery outside of our range?  Contact us, let’s see if we can meet in a half way point.

I WORK(We can Cater Too)

9 – 5 Warriors
What did you have for lunch today?  What greasy fat food joint will you eat tomorrow?  How did that frozen, high-sodium, high-preservative meal taste today? Did you have a meeting during lunch or task to complete and were not able to go out to eat? Stop!

Order meals from us for work!  Build your weekly meals and feel good about what you are feeding your body.  You will have more energy to work, you won’t have an upset stomach, and you will be more efficient.

AND! if you get at least 3 coworkers to order their weekly meals too, we will waive the delivery fee!

Need healthy meals for an event or meeting? We do healthy catering too. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Besides having a regular busy life, we know you spend a lot of time working out, training, practicing, attending competitions, games, meets and more…. But do you also have to make time to get your meals ready for the days ahead? Ugh! What a pain.

Don’t sweat it. Leave it to us! Let us know if you have a strict diet and we’ll build your meals exactly like you need them. Just contact us.

Don’t let your athletes or clients slack off by saying they don’t have time to make their meals or say its hard to stick to the plan. Let us build their meals for them. We’ll help them love being on a diet (with you and us).